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Welcome to Health Life Body, where I  believe that a healthy mind, body, and soul are the foundations of a happy life. MY mission is to empower women 40+ to take control of their health and well-being and to achieve a balanced life and body.

Focus areas include

  • Goal-setting: I teach you how to set realistic and achievable goals to improve your health and well-being, and how to create a plan to achieve them.
  • Healthy Habits: I provide you with strategies for building new healthy habits around food and exercise and maintaining them, so you can improve your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Mindset: I teach you the importance of mindset and how to develop a positive mindset and self-talk patterns to achieve your goals.
  • Stress Management and Mindfulness: I teach you techniques to manage stress and improve emotional well-being through mindfulness practices.
  • Support and Accountability: I provide a supportive and safe environment
  • Balance: I teach you how to balance different aspects of your life to achieve overall well-being.
  • I will provide you with practical health tools and guidance to help you improve your physical and mental health. By following a healthy diet that is customized to your life, your body and your goals, you'll be able to naturally support your body's ability to live in harmony with itself and your changing hormones. The approach I take with women has been shown to have massive health benefits, including increased energy, mental clarity, weight loss and maintenance and reduced symptoms of brain fog, so you can move forward with your life goals.

My approach is tailored to the unique needs and challenges of women over 40, but the principles are suitable for people of all ages and backgrounds. The programs are flexible and can be tailored to fit your schedule and lifestyle, so you can implement them at your own pace.

I understand that change can be challenging, but we're here to guide you every step of the way. With expert coaching and support, you can achieve the health and well-being you desire.

Take control of your health and join me on your journey to a balanced life and body.




Optimize Your Health, Weight, and Energy levels.

Get clarity about your health 

In these pages, I am thrilled to share with you my deep-rooted beliefs about the transformative power of nutrition for women over 40 to enhance hormone health, brain function, energy levels, weight and overall well-being. I am passionate about the pivotal role that proper nutrition plays in allowing our bodies to perform at their absolute best.
In this mini guide, you will find some of the coaching guides that I have implemented successfully to change women's lives.
Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey towards optimal health and vibrant life!
You can feel amazing, you can look amazing and you can have all the energy you need to work and play!

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Ellysia is a mother of three who is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. With a background in health and wellness, Ellysia has dedicated her time to helping women over 40 achieve optimal health and wellness.

As a nutritional and fitness coach, Ellysia understands the unique challenges that women over 40 face when it comes to health and well-being. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is able to provide her clients with tailored coaching that addresses their specific needs and goals.

Ellysia is a firm believer in the power of a positive mindset and the importance of self-care. She encourages her clients to set realistic and achievable goals, develop healthy habits, and practice stress management and mindfulness techniques.

As a mother of three, Ellysia also understands the challenges of balancing work, family, and personal growth. She is able to provide her clients with the support and guidance they need to achieve a balanced life.

Ellysia is committed to providing her clients with unconditional support and comfort. She creates a safe and non-judgmental space for her clients to share their thoughts, experiences, and challenges. With her guidance, her clients can achieve their goals and improve their overall health and well-being.

When she's not coaching, Ellysia enjoys spending time with her children, training and exercising, exploring the beach, lying in the sun and appreciating life. She is a firm believer in living a holistic lifestyle and her coaching reflects that. Ellysia is dedicated to helping women over 40 take control of their health and live their best lives.

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What my programs may do for you

For a decade, I struggled to find a balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and satisfying my cravings. I would eat nutritious foods, but I always felt hungry and found myself reaching for sugary snacks in the evenings. My energy levels were low, and I constantly felt tired, even needing naps throughout the day. My hormones were out of balance, and I experienced early night sweats. I tried every diet under the sun, but nothing seemed to work.

But then, I discovered the the perfect balance of eating for your hormones and your age, exactly what the body requires at this stage of life, so very different to our 20's and 30's, those foods and diets will no longer serve your body's needs. Eating the right way will impact your life like you can not imagine, it has changed everything for me! Not only did I lose weight, but my mental clarity improved dramatically. I loved the feeling of fullness during and after meals, and my cravings disappeared. Sleep improved, headaches disappeared, and skin got firmer, I believe this is the age-reversing way to eat. To live a life worth living we need to be in optimal form, we have 1 life live it how you deserve to live it.


Health Life Body Transformation is a holistic approach to improving your overall health and well-being. It goes beyond just physical health and encompasses mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being as well. It's about creating sustainable lifestyle changes that will support your health and fitness goals in the long term.

That's what my programs are about. It's a sustainable approach to health and wellness that helps you achieve the best possible condition for your body, not just in the short term, but for the long haul. It's not just a fad diet, it's a lifestyle change that will help you achieve a healthy mind, body and life, for the long term.



Transform Your Mind and Body. 

Kickstart a Healthier Lifestyle with my Programs, Unlock Your Potential for Optimal Health and Well-being with my Lifestyle Programs. Elevate Your Health, Achieve Your Goals with my Mind, Body, and Nutrition Programs, Revitalize Your Life, and Discover the Benefits of Healthy Eating, Eating for your hormones, Low Carb, Clean foods, Cycling Ketosis, and Intermittent Fasting according to your hormonal cycle, with my Programs Achieving your Health and Dreams, My Programs Offer a Comprehensive Approach to Mind, Body, and Nutrition Transformation.

FULL HEALTH & lifestyle STRATEGY & IMPLEMENTATION SUPPORT and accountability every week for 4 weeks so you can master feeling and looking good.

WE MAP out your lifestyle values and beliefs around health and wellness to suit you and your goals & THEN WE EXECUTE IT TOGETHER.

YOUR HEALTH AND CONFIDENCE WILL SKYROCKET, which will have you feeling more confident in your skin.

A SYSTEM catered for you at your time of life and lifestyle, stop with all the guessing on what you should be eating and get shown how to live a healthy life that gets you the results you want.

This is extremely personalized to your exact needs at your time of life because no one is the same.

$1997/ month USD

Stay with me for a month or 6 months, the choice is yours.

YES! Take Me There
Individual Private Coaching Call

Perfect for giving you direction or getting started.


A handful of quick questions that you'd love expert guidance on.

Do you need to get your mind and body back in the game, do you need a program just for you?
This individual private coaching call could be all you need to be invested in yourself again.

-45-minute Zoom call

-A guide for whatever stage you are at in your health and well-being.

$250 USD


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Get into Ketosis- Do it Yourself 5 week program

A great way to kick off your health journey.

Suppose you are sick and tired of not getting anywhere with your health or nutrition and sick of getting all kinds of misleading information about keto, not to mention all the crappy keto diets out there promoting endless eating of crappy fats. In that case, this is the program that will nurture nourish and help your body realign with what it needs at this point in your life.

You need to ditch cravings and reduce insulin and this program will do it for you.

If you are ready to start the transformation this is for you.                          

This program takes you through all the lessons towards nourishing ketosis, this will help your body lose inflammation so you don't have that puffy bloated, heavy feeling that comes with age and the wrong foods.

The program includes easy to follow video lessons to guide you through ketosis.      By doing this you will not only learn how to support your body but you will feel the benefits of eating g the right foods for you at this time in your life.

Great for women 39+

$197 USD

YES! Do it myself


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Ellysia Maidens is Food Matters Certified Nutrition Coach