When you go through the Life Body Transformation program you could feel like this

"Before starting Ellysia's Life Body Transformation program, I felt lost and defeated in my journey to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I had tried countless diets and exercise plans, but I always struggled with consistency and maintaining weight loss.

I had no energy and felt like I was constantly battling my own willpower.

But once I began working with Ellysia, my entire mindset shifted.

She helped me understand the importance of personal identity and taking responsibility for my own health.

With her guidance and support, I learned how to set realistic and achievable goals, build healthy habits, and practice self-care and mindfulness.

Through the program,

I was able to finally achieve the consistency and discipline I had been lacking.

I lost weight and my energy levels soared. I now feel confident and in control of my own health.

I cannot recommend Ellysia's program enough.

It truly has been life-changing for me and I am forever grateful for herΒ  guidance and support."

- Emma, 45

"I recently turned 44 and felt like I was at a crossroads in my life. I was tired all the time, constantly craving sugary foods, and just felt like I was stuck in a rut. I stumbled upon Ellysia's Life Body Transformation program and decided to give it a try. I'm so glad I did!
With Ellysia's guidance, I learned how to eat for my mind and body, rather than just for pleasure. I no longer crave sugary foods and have a newfound appreciation for healthy and nourishing meals. I've also established a morning routine that sets me up for success each day and I feel so much more productive and energized.
One of the biggest transformations I've experienced is my relationship with food. I used to have such a negative relationship with food, but now I love it! I sit down on Sundays and plan out my meals for the week, and I feel so much more in control.
I also finally have a good night's sleep with no night sweats, and I have a little bit more tenderness for myself. I feel like I've turned my life around and have new life goals, passion projects, and a new and healthy love for food.
I highly recommend Ellysia's Life Body Transformation program to anyone who is feeling stuck and wants to make a change. With her guidance and support, you too can turn your life around and feel the best you've felt in years!"
  • Karen, 44, Life Body Transformation Program participant.
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"Before starting the Life Body Transformation program with Ellysia, I was struggling with a lot of health issues due to being overweight and leading a busy lifestyle.

I didn't have a lot of time to exercise and I was finding it hard to make healthy choices.

But after going through the program and learning about personal identity, personal responsibility, and everything else it had to offer, my life has changed for the better.

With Ellysia's guidance and support, I was able to develop a new mindset and create a food plan that works for me.

 I now have the tools and knowledge to make healthier choices and find the time to exercise. As a result, I've lost weight, my energy levels have increased, and I feel much more confident.

I can't thank Ellysia enough for the difference she has made in my life. I highly recommend the Life Body Transformation program to anyone looking to make a change in their life."


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What clients have to say about 

Ellysia Maidens -Health Life Body Coach

 "I’ve been following Ellysia for a long time from Kultured Wellness recommending her. Initially I brought her meal packages as I loved how simple she made meals and planning. In July this year, I noticed that Ellysia was promoting a Keto program which my naturopath had recommended for me years earlier but I was like ‘I could never do that- that’s look way too hard- I could never eat like that’. Following my husband becoming extremely unwell and on the verge of many autoimmune disorders and not being able to get through a day, I decided to reach out to Ellysia who provided a free consult to discuss the program…my husband and I have not looked back- we signed up immediately and easily transitioned over to a keto diet. The key being Ellysia. She literally holds your hand the whole time, is available daily for support if needed, the meals are gut healing keto meals (gut healing approach was non-negotiable) and so so simple to prepare and implement. We have been living Keto now for 4 months and honestly don’t find it hard at all, especially as Ellysia is just amazing at how she supports you and how she has devised the program. We can honestly say that Keto will be how we live for the rest of our lives. Ellysia is also realistic in that she knows everyone loves to have a social life and she incorporates support around how to have a few drinks, eat a platter on the weekend with friends but in a more Keto fashion and then how to support yourself following this. For my husband and I who are social, and love to a have a drink every few weeks with friends- we can do this without feeling guilty and then know how to support our bodies immediately after. While both of us never signed up to KEto for weight loss, we have both lost weight and have never been hungry doing so-in fact we always feel full. We no longer feel tired, no afternoon slump, we can think more clearly, have lots of energy, no bloating, inflammation is significantly reduced, nausea gone, eczema gone, recurrent eye infections gone, and my husband’s naturopath said he has never seem such a quick turnaround in blood work before. Ellysia and her program has literally flipped our health and we are so forever grateful."

- Kel

Thanks so much Ellysia! I had my first relaxed meal on Friday night. Leading up to the  dinner was a challenge. I eventually relaxed and enjoyed the amazing nourishing food. I've still lost weight as well over the weekend. I really appreciated your video this morning as I tend to put such high expectations onto myself. It has helped me to lean in, soften and acknowledge that I'm actually doing great and reaching my goals one step at a time. Thank you. 

- Den

"Thank you Ellysia Maidens! I loved the reminder to be present and enjoy the moments of having the relaxed meals with friends/family guild free. After dinner with friends and another relaxed meal and drinks with my family last night I now fell empowered today with the info to get back on track with lemon water, greens, broth to nourish and start the process of getting back into keto. In the past, I've seen this as a failure, give myself a hard time with negative talk and spiralled from there. Thank you."

- Tanya

"The best thing about your coaching is the awareness of self gained." 

- Happy Client

"Ellysia's program has been a game changer for me. Prior to her program, I was always hungry, a snacker and at meals was always trying to eat less in hope of losing weight. Ellysia's program has taught me to eat bigger healthy meal when I'm hungry, so snacking is no longer an issue. The best thing is she has "no craving keto slice" that has totally eradicated my chocolate cravings." 

- Happy Client

"Ellysia is a realist! She knows we all have events with alcohol and food, her program encourages you to go and enjoy yourself and best of all you know you will not undo all your hard work if you follow her after party process. Another thing I love about Ellysia's program is her recipes are quick, have very few ingredients and are so yummy! The longer you are on Ellysia's program you will find food no longer rules your day. Ellysia's coaching style is great. She is firm but fair and will not let you get away with self-sabotage. She will shine the light on." 

- Happy Client

"Ellysia's program does not push hard exercise however just being on her program and getting my energy back I have progresses from walking, to walking with 10kg in my backpack, lifting weights a few times a week and attending gym classes. Ellysia does not focus on the scales. She wants you to feel amazing and energised in your body which you sure do. However, old habits die hard. So I do still weigh myself and am happy to report I have lost 12kg. " 

- Shannon

 "Working with Ellysia has been life changing. From the very beginning, she sweeps you off your feet with unconditional support, care, and incredible knowledge. She is there for you every step of the way and with her guidance, I have personally surpassed every goal I set! She is the embodiment of what she teaches and is incredibly inspiring. Working with Ellysia will absolutely change your LIFE!

- Sarah, QLD

"Before the healthier YOU 4 Week Program I was really fatigued, I had a lot of inflammation and brain fog. I knew there was a connection in how I was feeling to poor gut health and had heard fasting can improve all of this but wasn’t sure where to begin. 

The Healthier YOU 4 week Program was fantastic! Ellysia made everything so simple and was so generous with her time and advice.  By the end of the four weeks I was feeling so much better. 

The gentle exercise, fasting and eating gut healthy food has been a life changer.  I don’t have brain fog,I have less inflammation and I actually dropped a size in clothing. 

What I learnt in the 4 week challenge has given me the stepping stones I needed to improve my life for good. Definitely worth the investment in myself I know my family are also benefiting from me being healthier and happier."


"Thanks for all these tips & tricks Ellysia! I’ve really enjoyed this program & loved having the support of yourself & this group. I knew there would be a way to combine KW & keto successfully and you’ve nailed it! Without being extreme! We all lead busy lives & a lot of us have families too to consider & feed. This has been so easy to implement into my/our lives. Thank you for creating this program to share with us!

- Tina 

"I love the exercises you demonstrate them so well, I love the food, I love how you have taken us thru the program in stages it's so easy!"  

- Joan

"I’m soooo excited .....clothes were looser & had a sneak peek on the scales and down 3 kg. Started program at 71.8 kg now at 68.6kg!!!! I’ve sat in the 70’s for sooooo long so I’m stoked to finally get back into the 60’s ....yay!   And it has really be so easy.   Thanks Ellysia for your program & guidance."

Julie Button

 "Thank you so much Ellysia for creating this program, my body and mind are loving it and I am feeling very excited for the Accelerate YOU Program. I'm loving the idea of you supporting us during the festive season and knowing you will wrangle us back into line not out of guilt but out of knowing just how much better our body and mind feel on your programs" 

- Louise

“This program is easy, no fuss, with great support, best of all it gets RESULTS and the food is family-friendly. Whoop, whoop! βœ‹ 2.5kg down for me.πŸŽ‰  And I'm only half way on the program!"

- Emma   

“Went down a size in my pants Saturday night! So still thrilled with that!!” 

- Julie

"I've managed a 16 hour intermittent fast today. Feeling good and more energised I’ve learnt lots of interesting info in this program, especially about the keto lifestyle"  

- Nicole

“This is what I love about this program. I was clearly adding WAY too much fat & wondering why my progress was SO slow. Thanks Ellysia!"

- Tina   

“I had a great time and love this program. The structure, the foods all easily fit my lifestyle.

- Program Client 

"Loving the program and feeling much stronger and energised and noticing my flatter tummy. Thanks, Ellysia for your guidance" 

- Member

“Her programme has mirrored exactly what I wanted and needed. This programme with Ellysia is just that. Simple. Actionable Enjoyable.”

- Bella 

"I have loved listening to your knowledge and all the little tips you give away when just talking about food/health in general or answering questions. Lots of lightbulb moments for me! I also love the simplicity of it. The encouragement/accountability is also great" 

- Happy Client

"Love your passion..... So excited for this next step!" 

- Member

"The recipes are great, your continued catch-ups where you explain things so well, and you are always so positive which is so uplifting. Love the exercises and your demos" 

- Happy Client

 "I’ve loved everything about this program. The accountability, simplicity, education, & support have been great. The timing was perfect for me"    

- Program Client

 "Thankyou Ellysia Maidens .... I’m loving this program!"

- Jo