The Power of Compassion & Learning to Slow Down and Show Yourself Some Love

balance Mar 01, 2023
This morning I woke up in a shitty mood, just plain old annoyed, not too sure why but thought I was just too busy to deal with it so pushed it to the back of my mind because I’ve got stuff to get done, I’ve got things on my mind that I would like to get out into the world and I’ve got to get the kids sorted for homeschooling lessons and what feels like a million and one things to sort through.
I felt like time was already running short for the day.
I have a morning routine that  I do without fail because that usually sets me up for the day this usually makes me flow from the inside and I love having some me time first before sharing myself with everyone.
So I went about my morning like I always do, oh I also saw this amazing sunrise from my bedroom and I was annoyed about missing it!
So that didn’t help to all these annoying negative feelings running through my body and mind.
I usually have a sauna as part of my morning routine, and I still had one but didn’t find the time to meditate while I was in there because I was too busy writing my to-do list.
Had my coffee but it disappeared even before I had a chance to taste it and enjoy it.
Had a shower, put my beach walking gear on with my headphones and headed down the beach, but I was also annoyed that I was later than usual.
I even saw a friend up ahead as I was walking down the beach but I slowdown so I didn’t have to pretend to be smiley/ happy.
I sat down to do my meditation and of course felt nothing, I had this annoying feeling running through my body and mind.
So I knew I had to stop and be real with myself stop myself just going through the motions of what I do every day, and I decided to ask myself questions like,
Why am I feeling like this?
Why am I not relaxed,
why is nothing flowing,
why do I feel I’m just not capable anymore why do I have feelings of I’m not good enough!
As soon as I asked the question
I got my answer
“Ellysia have some compassion for yourself.”
Yes Of course, I started to cry because I knew that was it.
I’m a doer, I’m a go go go type of person. I expect a great deal from myself because I know I’m capable. But sometimes I need to go slower to rest and not expect so much from myself.
I get caught up in results for so many different aspects of my life. And if I’m not seeing results I tend to push harder.
I know this never works but sometimes I get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions and the doing.
So my to-do list will still be there waiting for me tomorrow or next week but today I will have compassion for myself.
Maybe I’ll even do nothing at some point.
But I will not be scheduling in “ do nothing “(I do that, I scheduled everything)
I will go with the flow, be with the day not against it, I will not force anything. Just let it be.
I can only do so much, I’m still learning about so many things and learning takes time and patience and love.
But my biggest takeaway is, yes I am capable but sometimes need to go slow, be in the moment, and have compassion for myself.
Compassion for yourself makes so much difference to your mind, body and heart.
I feel relaxed as soon as I hear the word.
How do you feel when you hear the word compassion and when you give it to yourself? ๐Ÿ’•

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