Keto is not just about weightloss

Jan 31, 2022

The Keto diet is not just about losing weight!!

It’s not about eating high fats and not a lot of anything else.

It's not a 6-week diet!

It's not a quick fix diet!

It's not about eating junk fatty foods!

It's not about forcing your body to go without!

It’s about all the benefits that come with ketosis.

You will never feel like you go without when you are in a good state of ketosis!

Ketosis is what happens when you are running on fat, not glucose.
When glucose is not available as fuel the body will use fat as fuel.

The benefits that I get and my clients get blow my mind!

In a good state of ketosis, I have noticed more gratefulness, gratitude, euphoria, love.

I’ve noticed that the sky seems brighter, the trees are greener, the clouds are beautiful, the ocean is mesmerizing.

My mind is so much clearer, I don’t feel rushed or under pressure.

My meditations are better.

I can easily make the right food choices for my body.

I’m so much more productive in all areas of life.

Learn everything there is to know when it comes to making your own Coconut kefir or fermented Coconut Yoghurt.

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