Navigating Hormonal Health

carb cycling hormones keto low carb Oct 18, 2023
Hey Everyone,
It's been a while since I posted a conversation on here but I hope this is your friendly reminder to look after your hormones.
Today, I'm chatting about your hormonal health because this is what will make you or break you.
I personally know that when my hormones are not right I am an emotional wreck, and when I'm an emotional wreck I emotionally eat, and when this happens I feel like crap for days on end!!
 Life's busy, and it's easy to forget a crucial piece of the puzzle, our hormones.
These little messengers are your secret to unlocking mental clarity, maintaining your weight, and sustaining your energy levels. Let's dive into why I recommend nurturing your hormones as one of your priorities.
Finding your balance is key especially when we're in the perimenopausal phase.
Those hormonal ups and downs can bring things like weight gain, mood swings, and energy rollercoasters. Nurturing with foods is one way of creating balance.
Our bodies follow a monthly rhythm, and we should, too.
Sometimes we're all about that low-carb life; other times, our bodies crave healthy carbohydrates.
In the first half of your cycle, you can stick to a low-carb way of eating. But in the second half, a carb approach might be your best friend.
Intermittent fasting is all the rage, but daily fasting might disrupt your hormonal groove. So, let's switch it up! Sync your fasting with your monthly cycle. It's a mindful approach that keeps your hormones happy and in balance. Have you ever felt like your brain is stuck in a fog?
Hormonal fluctuations can do that. Use foods to help your body out.
When your hormones are in harmony, it's like opening the curtains on a foggy day to reveal a bright, sunny world.
The right food choices and fasting strategy can be your hormone's best friend.
As we age gracefully, nurturing our hormones is the secret to staying vibrant and full of life. With mental clarity, weight balance, and endless energy you will be amazed at what this new way of feeling can bring into your life.
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