Uncovering Hidden Values and Beliefs for Lasting Health and Wellness

beliefs health values Mar 20, 2023


When Amy came to me for coaching, she had clear goals in mind, to be healthy, lose weight, and feel confident in a bikini for an upcoming holiday. But as we began working together, I quickly realized that simply giving her a meal plan or exercise routine wouldn't be enough to achieve these goals. Instead, we needed to look deeper and uncover the hidden values and beliefs that were holding her back.

As a nutrition coach, I believe that most people know how to eat healthy - the real challenge lies in uncovering the underlying issues that keep them from reaching their goals. For Amy, throughout my coaching, it became clear that her value system, which had worked for her for the past 10 years was no longer serving her in the way she wanted. While she was a dedicated family person and worked hard to support her loved ones, she had neglected her own health and well-being.



Through our coaching sessions, we explored what truly nourished Amy's soul and lit up her life. We had to adjust her value system to align with her new goals and empowered self, which meant examining her beliefs and determining which ones no longer served her. This was not an easy process, but it was a necessary one if she wanted to make lasting progress.

As we worked together, we uncovered the values and beliefs that had been holding Amy back from achieving her dreams. These were often hidden in her subconscious mind and were not even recognized by Amy herself. But once we identified them, we could work to change them and create new, more empowering beliefs that would support her health and wellness goals.

If you're struggling to make lasting progress in your health and wellness journey, I encourage you to take a step back and examine your own values and beliefs. Are they aligned with the life you want to live? Are they holding you back from achieving your true desires? With the help of a coach, you can uncover these hidden obstacles and create a path forward to lasting health and wellness.


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