Does this resonate with you? This was me!

Mar 02, 2022

Am I "talking" to you when you read this?

This was me not so long ago, a wife, mum, homemaker, the person that tried their hardest to keep everyone's shit together, sort the kids love and look after them, try and be the best wife, partner, best friend and amongst all of this slowly losing my self without me knowing.

I gave up my career I stopped my hobbies and just threw myself into what I thought life was meant to be. There is no point in dwelling in the past because it is what it is!

BUT I changed it!

You can change it too!

Regain some focus for yourself!


Well, for me ketosis was the key!

Being in ketosis helps with mental clarity. Therefore gets rid of brain fog, as mums, we all know what brain fog feels like. It’s heavy and weighs us down mentally and physically.

When the brain fog has lifted there is a whole new world at your fingertips to be discovered again!

Discover yourself again, find new hobbies, find a new career, find new love!

Become the best version of yourself because you have already done the hard work, now it’s time to love and live your life again.

If this resonates with you, message me, maybe it's time to get into ketosis with my coaching program?

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