Grab some tips on bulk cooking!

gut health Jul 22, 2020

Batch cooking, bulk cooking has seriously saved me so much time in the kitchen.

I cook up massive amounts of food for dinner that night then have a full container of leftovers in the freezer and a full container of leftovers in the fridge. 

The fridge leftovers are used for lunches and breakfasts.

The freezer leftovers are used on the nights I'm too busy to cook or I seriously just couldn't be bothered with food but everyone needs to eat;) 

We all have those days or weeks!

Food is meant to be nutritious and tastes good it doesn't have to be exciting and new all the time.

That is something we have taught ourselves and our kids.

Who has the headspace to come up with awesome looking meals that take time to make and time to think about?

I might occasionally but definitely not in a normal busy week.

Try and start out with 1 bulk meal a week and see how it works out for you.

Cook up everyone's favourite, serve it with different sides so it doesn't get boring, rice, mash, noodles, pasta, baked veg.

Learn everything there is to know when it comes to making your own Coconut kefir or fermented Coconut Yoghurt.

These are all dairy-free and full of probiotics to heal the gut.

Let's Ferment!

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