Questioning Our Beliefs & Discovering the Stories We Carry with Us

beliefs Mar 01, 2023
Do you know what your beliefs are that you hold under your skin?
When I was a child my brother, myself and my cousins used to holiday at my nan and pops house in Salamander bay, a beautiful small beach town.
We did this for years and years even through the early years of high school. I always remember having fun, eating beautiful homegrown tomatoes on toast with salt, this was a favourite breakfast of mine at the time, my nan also used to make chocko pickles which was another  winner at the breakfast table.
One thing I remember my nan saying to me at the table, maybe a few times was,
“ Ellysia where are you putting all that food you are eating?
Do you store in those thighs of yours?
You must have hollow legs, you don't have thighs like mine you must have been given the Kerr thighs! "(Kerr was their Surname)
I also remember a conversation about me having big thighs in a car ride with my nan sitting next to me, she was saying it won't matter what I try in life I will always have big thighs just like all the other Kerr women.
So as a child you don't think too much of it at the time, you laugh it off and just get on with kid stuff.
It wasn’t until I started my meditation journey 5 years ago that this saying from my nan, came up for me.
Wow, little did I know that I had been carrying this careless comment around with me for 30+ years.
The impact of these comments really did shape part of my life, this was a belief about me I stored in my body.
It was not my belief, it was given to me by my nan.
I believed I had big thighs and I was born with them because that’s what the Kerr women had.
The result of this was, I hated wearing anything that was showing my legs, I gave up swimming which I was very good at, I gave up ballet which I absolutely loved, I gave up cheerleading, I gave up on me and my legs.
All those fun things that you can do with swimmers, shorts, water, running, or just being active, I gave up on all that because somewhere deep down was a belief that was embedded into me. I had big thighs!
I am so grateful for working on my beliefs, taking the time to dig deeper into my limitations, and wanting to grow and experience a bigger life.
I’ve shared this story with you because I hope my story helps you dig into your own past and find the beliefs that are not serving you, or blocking your progress in some way, and perhaps find some beliefs that were just passed onto you carelessly or are just not yours, we really do have to question everything.

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