Let's ferment oranges!

fermented fruit gut health May 14, 2021
I've got loads of oranges and I'm fermenting them!
This increases their Vitamin C.
It produces Vitamin K.
It produces B vitamins.
It helps produce enzymes to help you digest foods and that will help your body absorb the vitamins.
Absorbing the vitamins is a huge point because a great deal of us have trouble absorbing vitamin and minerals that lead to deficiencies in our body.
If you need a kefir starter or are interested in the fermenting course,you can check out the the course here >> How to make Fermented Kefir and Yoghurt

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To make the Orange Kefir/ Fermented Orange Juice
  • Peel your oranges thoroughly and juice them
  • Makeup 1 litre of juice
  • Pour  your juice into a 2-litre jar that has a secure lid
  • Add in 1 cup of coconut kefir
  • Ferment for 12 hours
When you are peeling your oranges please remove all the white pith off your orange as this can make your juice bitter.
Once it's slightly fizzy pop this in your fridge to store and its best drunk before 3 days.

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