Ketosis was the answer for me

gut health keto Oct 13, 2021
Hi there!
It might be time to reintroduced myself. I say reintroduce because I feel like I’m a different person to when I first started this Instagram account 5-6 years ago.
I’ll also try and keep it short and sweet, nothing worse than an extremely long post. 
I’ll start from 2 years ago where my life changed massively. I won’t go into unnecessary details but 2 years ago I felt my life tip upside down, inside out, chewed up and spat out! All in all an actual blessing in disguise. Even though it didn’t seem like that at the time.
I knew me enough as a person that I hated the feeling of being sad or dwelling over bad thoughts so I researched how to get my mind healthy, how to feel alive, energised and have a love for life.
Ketosis was the answer for me, not just a keto diet but a clean ketosis lifestyle. This ketosis lifestyle gave me what was missing in my life. The mental clarity and energy I have gained living this way makes my goals, dreams and desires come ALIVE!
That’s why I coach it!
It changed my life completely!
Maybe it can change yours.

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