It’s trick or treat time!

gut health keto Oct 29, 2021
It’s trick or treat time!
Are your hormones or emotions tricking you?
Are you trying using your will power to not eat that candy, chocolate or sweets??
Wouldn’t it be peaceful to not be the slightest bit interested in eating it?
I can tell you from my experience that when I am in a good state of ketosis I am not the slightest bit interested in eating any lollies, chocolate or cake. I actually couldn’t care less. I could be surrounded by it and have no desire to eat any of it.
This wasn’t always the case. I used to love chocolate or lollies, and just had to eat them and then the problem with that is it would leave me with massive cravings for more.
It’s was a uncontrollable craving, do you know the feeling?
I can honestly say that for me and my clients being in ketosis is an absolute life changer.
The food freedom they now experience is true and peaceful.
Don’t just follow any keto diet, eat clean keto get into ketosis and make it a lifestyle!
The rewards are life changing.

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