Foods that make you feel good!

gut health Mar 22, 2021
Guys I love peanut butter, yep! Especially peanut butter on celery. But as soon as I eat it, the joints in my thumbs throb and swell...
Peanuts are a legume and for some people, they can cause inflammation. I like to avoid legumes because I want to feel good with no aches and pains...
So, I use almond butter as an alternative. No biggie in my books.
Let me talk about sugar.. When I eat sugar I get tired, dizzy, and bloated so therefore, I avoid sugars and ferment my fruit to reduce the sugar content. 
Again, no biggie in my books because I want to feel good... not bloated, not tired or dizzy...
When you eat take notice of how your body reacts to that food.
Am I tired?
Am I still hungry?
Am I bloated?
These are just some of the questions you should ask yourself and learn what your body requires.  Everybody is different and there's no 1 diet for everyone.
I love gut-healthy clean keto because it works for my body, brain and life. It's not hard work. It's a simple decision because I want to feel I'm living to optimise my life.
So, cheers to you on listening to your body and thinking twice before eating something that may not be the best for you!

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