This is the exact food guide I give all my clients!

This is full of gut-loving keto foods to introduce or to create some swaps in your pantry or fridge.

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Get into Ketosis Program is 10-week coaching that will transform your life!


Do you want food freedom?

 Say goodbye to cravings!

Do you need energy all day? Do you want to feel and look your best?

The mental clarity, the mood enhancer, ditch the brain fog, ditch the bloated stomach, don't get that 3 pm slump! Feel absolutely amazing!


Join the 10-week Group coaching.

Get into Ketosis 10 Week Group Coaching Starts 12th July

What can ketosis do for you?

For the past 10 years, I have always eaten healthy, I would eat healthily and never feel satiated, I could always go for seconds, I was always looking for an after-dinner snack that was sweet just to finish off the evening.

I would graze all day, maybe even eat mindlessly. I never felt that feeling of fullness, it's like my body just didn't register fullness. I was tired all the time, I needed nanna naps, my hormones were all messed up, I started having early night sweats. I felt like I needed to graze all day just to sustain my energy.

I had tried everything too, every diet, every fad, vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo, and whatever else there is.

I tried willpower, I tried motivation they all lasted for a month only!

Then I found keto and of course I was going to give it a go!

Yes, I lost weight, but the mental clarity I also got with this was amazing!

I was doing keto for 6 months to 1 year and noticed I was putting weight back on and of course was devastated.

I loved the clarity, the alertness, the energy, the no more cravings, the feeling of fullness after or even during a meal that I had never experienced before.

This was not going to be a fad for me as I felt too good to give it up. But didn't like the weight gain.

This got me thinking, how can I get the best of everything here, how can I still get into ketosis so I can have all the benefits of ketosis and still get weight loss over a long period of time, and still nurturing my body with foods full of nutrition!

That is what this private small group coaching is about, getting your body into ketosis for all the benefits ketosis has to offer.

This program will show you the system I use to reap the rewards of ketosis, it's clean healthy foods that are simple to whip up for yourself.

It will guide you through each week and give you what you need to succeed at the beginning of your keto journey.


Feel alive! Are you 40 or over? This program is made for you!

It's your turn to look after YOU!


Its time to become the optimal YOU

 Do you want optimal energy, weight and health?

Look after your health so you can achieve a bigger life and feel ALIVE!


Book your free discovery call with me, lets see how I can help you!

Get into Ketosis

Feel great, feel lighter, less bloated, get rid of that foggy brain, feel stronger, feel leaner, move easier and get rid of inflammation in this 10-week small private group coaching Program. Start to incorporate Super Simple  Healthy Eating, Low Carb, Clean Keto, and  Intermittent Fasting.

Get into Ketosis and it will change your life!

Group Coaching Starts 12th July

6 Week Private 1:1 Coaching

6 weeks one on one private coaching will get you results!

Learn how to use your own body fat as fuel and gain only energy and clarity.

A clean Keto way of eating will change your life and give you a zest for life like you have never had before.

For more details about the 1:1 coaching click below.

More details for 1:1 Coaching

Clients Loving The Keto Program!


"Working with Ellysia has been life changing. From the very beginning, she sweeps you off your feet with unconditional support, care, and incredible knowledge. She is there for you every step of the way and with her guidance, I have personally surpassed every goal I set! She is the embodiment of what she teaches and is incredibly inspiring. Working with Ellysia will absolutely change your LIFE! 

- Sarah, QLD

I love working with Ellysia! I’m feeling a million dollars compared to where I was when I started. I knew a keto lifestyle was right for me and my body, but I could never sustain it, especially with my all or nothing approach to food! 

I’m now sleeping better, exercising more and my brain actually feels like it works again! I’m also back doing the things that I love doing, which I haven’t done in years! Ellysia is full of amazing knowledge about the healthy keto lifestyle, but I have gained SO much more than that!

Ellysia appreciates life and that we’re only human, so never judges, so I always feel comfortable talking to her. She’s patient, honest in the loveliest of ways, and carefully supports and guides you in the direction of your best self!

I’m really so grateful to have Ellysia as my coach!

If you’re sitting on the fence – jump over, it’s absolutely worth it. J  

Christel, Sydney. 

"I’ve been following Ellysia for a long time from Kultured Wellness recommended her.  Initially, I brought her meal packages as I loved how simple she made meals and planning. In July this year, I noticed that Ellysia was promoting a Keto program that my naturopath had recommended for me years earlier but I was like ‘I could never do that- that looks way too hard- I could never eat like that’. Following my husband becoming extremely unwell and on the verge of many autoimmune disorders and not being able to get through a day, I decided to reach out to Ellysia who provided a free consultation to discuss the program…my husband and I have not looked back- we signed up immediately and easily transitioned over to a keto diet. The key is Ellysia. She literally holds your hand the whole time, is available daily for support if needed, the meals are gut healing keto meals (gut healing approach was non-negotiable) and so so simple to prepare and implement. We have been living Keto now for 4 months and honestly don’t find it hard at all, especially as Ellysia is just amazing at how she supports you and how she has devised the program. We can honestly say that Keto will be how we live for the rest of our lives. Ellysia is also realistic in that she knows everyone loves to have a social life and she incorporates support around how to have a few drinks, eat a platter on the weekend with friends but in a more Keto fashion and then how to support yourself following this. For my husband and I who are social, and love to have a drink every few weeks with friends- we can do this without feeling guilty and then know how to support our bodies immediately after. While both of us never signed up for Keto for weight loss, we have both lost weight and have never been hungry doing so-in fact we always feel full. We no longer feel tired, no afternoon slump, we can think more clearly, have lots of energy, no bloating, inflammation is significantly reduced, nausea gone, eczema gone, recurrent eye infections gone, and my husband’s naturopath said he has never seen such a quick turnaround in blood work before. Ellysia and her program have literally flipped our health and we are so forever grateful."

Kel & Dion 

“This program is easy, no fuss, with great support, best of all it gets RESULTS and the food can be family-friendly.”

"The mental clarity I already feel 1 1/2 weeks into the program is amazing, I wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly."

“ Her programme has mirrored exactly what I wanted and needed.”

“This programme with Ellysia is Simple, Actionable and Enjoyable.”

“Whoop whoop! ✋ 2.5kg down for me.🎉 And I'm only 2 weeks on the program!”

“ Went down a size in my pants Sat night so still thrilled with that!!” Im 2 weeks into the program.

“I have so much energy now, no more nanna naps for me in the afternoons”

“I had a great time and love this program. The structure, the foods all easily fit my lifestyle. ” I feel lighter and have a better relationship with food than I ever did before.

“This program ticks the boxes for me I am now “Healthier ✅ Stronger ✅ ”

“Things are so clear to me now, that is what I love about this program. I was always wondering why my progress was SO slow with different diets. Thanks Ellysia”

“ I hit 3kg loss today - yippee! Im so happy, I didn’t have a lot to lose but I couldn’t budge my last 3 kilograms”

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