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Get into Ketosis Group Coaching

Ladies, are you sick of second-guessing everything you are doing when it comes to your food and getting into ketosis?

Are you wondering why others get amazing results but you are left hungry and craving foods that are not the best for you?

Let me guide you to feeling amazing, get your body working for you not against you, and then life flows peacefully.

Get the results you want?

A clean Keto way of eating will change your life and give you a zest for life like you have never had before. Feel alive and brand new, can you imagine what you might be able to achieve with clarity of mind and body confidence?

This program will work for you!

This straightforward program will show you exactly what you need to eat, when you eat and how you achieve ketosis, maintain ketosis and live an amazing keto life!

Learn the simple system to get your body into ketosis and become a fat-burning person, achieve mental clarity, become way more productive in your everyday life, optimize your energy and burn unwanted fat stores.

Simply the only way to really get your butt into gear. Coaching so you can start feeling healthy and lighter.

Follow this Keto program designed just for women over 40 and get results!

Learn how to use your own body fat as fuel and gain only energy and clarity.

This is just for women, women need to approach keto differently according to stress levels, hormonal cycles and the way you really feel.

Learn about yourself, and go easy on yourself when you need to be, no one else will teach you this, I have lived and breathed this lifestyle for years and years, and I know how it works and doesn't work.


You will get results from this program, it works! Be accountable with 4, group Zoom coaching calls. Let's get you feeling amazing and in control, feel like you are in your own power again!

Have access to the group Facebook community for social support and other women just like you going through the same things.

Send in your questions and I will answer them personally.

Lose weight, have no more cravings for crappy sugary foods, no more afternoon tiredness, feel great, feel lighter, less bloated, get rid of that foggy brain, feel fresh again, get rid of inflammation and look after your gut health in this 4-week Keto Program. 

Start to incorporate Super Simple Gut Healthy Eating, Low Carb, Clean Keto, and Intermittent Fasting, into your life. 

Follow this simple and easy-to-follow 4-week guide.

What is in the 4 Week Program?

  • 4, group zoom coaching calls 
  • Structured weeks for you to follow
  • I will answer your questions in our live QnAs.
  • Healthy Low Carb, Clean Keto, Gut Healthy, Food Guide 
  • Everything you need to achieve ketosis, maintain ketosis and live a healthy keto lifestyle.
  • Ketosis for Hormones
  • Fasting Cycles
  • Gut Health Food Guide
  • Detox Guide
  • Intermittent fasting guide
  • Ideas for food prepping 
  • Recipes, low carb, Clean Keto, anti-inflammatory, gut-friendly simple & family-friendly.
  • Printable recipes
  • Printable Shopping Guide.
  • Printable Meal Prep guide.
  • Keep this program and know that you have it at your fingertips to go through as many times as you like.
  • Simple and easy to follow.
  • Come and join the Facebook group for extra support on your health journey.

You know this is the only way to get the desired results you need!

Everyone needs help, let me help you, I am super passionate about getting women like you in the best shape of your life!

What People Are Saying:

Ellysia, you played a HUGE part in me feeling the way I do today. I've stuck to the plan and I'm continuing to fell healthier and lighter everyday. You are an absolute inspiration and you walk the talk 110%. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Ellysia has changed my life, I no longer crave sugar!! I have lost weight following what she has taught me and I feel amazing. But above all she lives the life that she teaches and she is always available if you need help and guidance on your health journey.

Ellysia, I love following your keto lifestyle program! I have so much more energy and feel clearer and calmer in my headspace. Ellysia, you make it so easy with your continued support. I remember I used to suffer with gut issues, but now, no gut issues at all. Thanks to all your delicious recipes, ideas and support.

I was new to keto and Ellysia's way of eating but I just new she offered exactly what I was looking for. I needed change in my life, change in my relationship with food and get off the sugar wagon. Ellysia's keto 45 program is so easy to follow, and she was there to support me all the way. Ellysia is all about keeping things simple and that definitely suits me!

I started Ellysia's keto 45 program to support my wife who was doing it as well. Wow... I dropped 7kg however more importantly I started feeling better (something i didn't realise I was missing) - both physically and mentally. I was more motivated to exercise, stopped snoring and started sleeping better. As a shift worker I found I could plan better when it came to eating better meals and remained disciplined to avoid the foods that I would usually eat. We have decided to continue life like this! Thank you for all your keto wisdom.

Working with Ellysia has been life changing. From the very beginning, she sweeps you off your feet with unconditional support, care and incredible knowledge. She is there for you every step of the way and with her guidance, I have personally surpassed every goal I set! She is the embodiment of what she teaches and is incredibly inspiring. Working with Ellysia will absolutely change your Life!

Sarah, QLD