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Healthier YOU - Keto Kickstarter 4 week Program

Healthier YOU 4 Week Kickstarter Keto Program 

Feel great, feel lighter, less bloated, get rid of that foggy brain, feel stronger, feel leaner, move easier and get rid of inflammation in this 4-week Healthier YOU Program. Start to incorporate Super Simple  Healthy Eating, Low Carb, Clean Keto, and  Intermittent Fasting.

Get into Ketosis and it will change your life!

This 4-week program will take you through a gentle and healthy routine that will have you in ketosis which will get you results like weight loss, mental clarity. Fewer aches and pains and you will feel and look younger.

This program has all the tools you will need to become a fat-burning machine, you may think I'm joking but I'm serious, ketosis is all about using your bodies fat as its energy source, what does that mean?

Your body fat will reduce when you are in ketosis!


What is in the 4 Week Program

-Healthy Low Carb, Clean Keto, Gut Healthy, food Guide 

-Guided eating Plans

-Gut Health Food Guide

-Detox Guide

-Ingredients/ Shopping list

-Intermittent fasting guide

-Ideas for food prepping 

-Recipes, low carb, Clean Keto, anti-inflammatory, gut-friendly simple & family-friendly.

-Printable recipes

-Printable Shopping Guide.

-Printable Meal Prep guide.

-Do it at your own pace, repeat this program as many times as you like.

-Simple and easy to follow on your own.

-Or come and join the Facebook group for support on your health journey.

-Learn how to make gut-healthy Kefir

-Coconut kefir will look after the health of your gut, and support your body while eating clean.

- Learn how to make gut-healthy sugar free smoothies.

-How to make flavoured kefir drinks

-How to ferment your fruit so you can still enjoy the wonderful benefits of fruit without sugar.

-How to activate/ferment your nuts and seeds

What People Are Saying:

“This program ticks the boxes for me I am now “Healthier, Stronger, and loving Ketosis”


“ I hit 3kg loss today - yippee! Im so happy, I didn’t have a lot to lose but I couldn’t budge my last 3 kilograms”


“Things are so clear to me now, that is what I love about this program. I was always wondering why my progress was SO slow with different diets. Thanks Ellysia”


“ Went down a size in my pants Sat night so still thrilled with that!!” Im 2 weeks into the program.


“I had a great time and love this program. The structure, the foods all easily fit my lifestyle. ” I feel lighter and have a better relationship with food than I ever did before.


The mental clarity I already feel 1 1/2 weeks into the program is amazing, I wasn't expecting it to happen so quickly.